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new tafe sa website

Over the past eight weeks, I have been working with a small cross-functional team to deliver the new TAFE SA website. I’m pleased to say that it is now live at

Due to a variety of circumstances,  the project team found itself with about ten weeks to deliver a brand new site, complete with new responsive design, a new information architecture, and new website content.  Having just arrived at TAFE SA, I wasn’t confident that this deadline was achievable.

The team knuckled down. Sanjeev on project management duties. Gary, David, Matt, Mark, Nuwan and Blouncent on the tech implementation. George on graphics. Fiona and Tayesha on course content. Noel, Cindy and myself on the words. Jason on oversight.

And after ten weeks of head-down-butt-up work, we were able to launch the new site on Thursday 1 December.

What’s good about the new TAFE SA website

For the first time, users are able to view the TAFE SA website on their mobile devices without the frustration of having to ‘pinch to zoom’ to read the content. The website features a modern, ‘responsive’ design that displays the page according to the screen dimensions of the user’s device, irrespective of whether they’re using a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone.

The new website has a simplified navigation structure and improved search function that supports the needs of prospective TAFE SA students. Pages are arranged in a logical hierarchy that funnels prospective students towards the submission of an application.

The new website carries a fresh, uncluttered design and focuses on the delivery of rich content in the form of online video, 360-degree virtual rooms, and new static imagery. Large blocks of text have been removed from the website and replaced by rich content that is more compelling and engaging for prospective students.

Continual improvement

Is the new website perfect? No, it is not. No website ever is.  A website is never ‘finished’.

With a new platform in place, the intent at TAFE SA is to implement a program of continual improvement that will see ongoing, iterative development of the website, with the ‘user’ at the centre of all future improvements.  There’s still plenty of stuff to do.

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