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cooper's farmer's union

iced-coopersIt was reported last week in The Advertiser that Cooper’s has teamed up with Haigh’s to develop a new hybrid product, Cooper’s Stout Ganache chocolates, to mark Haigh’s centenary.  bluetrain understands that this is just one of numerous collaborations that Cooper’s is trialling with other iconic South Australian brands.

To date, Cooper’s best known hybrid product has been Beerenberg’s Cooper’s Ale BBQ Sauce, but our sources indicate that Cooper’s is working with Farmer’s Union to develop a new alcoholic iced coffee. The new product (a prototype pictured here) is reportedly being trialled as a ‘hair-of-the-dog’ for early-rising tradies who have indulged too heavily the night before.

Unofficial reports from the Cooper’s test lab suggest that the product is likely to be packaged in a cylindrical container, rather than the traditional Farmer’s Union box shape, to enable the drink to be rolled prior to consumption.

Our sources also report that Cooper’s is currently in negotiations with Golden North (‘Honey Lager Ice Cream’) and Robern Menz (‘HopsChocs’) about other hybrid product opportunities.

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